While a traditional MRI can be particularly uncomfortable for those who are claustrophobic, the Open Air MRI provides a superior experience by allowing the patient to be in a comfortable, open environment rather than a cramped enclosure.

At Berkshire Open Air MRI, we also have a nationally recognized MRI Musculoskeletal Specialist who has been interpreting MRI's in the Reading area for over 15 years.

How does an MRI scan work?
As the patient enters the MRI scanner, a large magnet surrounds the area being imaged. The scanner subjects nuclei of the body's atoms to a radio signal, temporarily knocking select ones out of alignment. When the signal stops, the nuclei return to the aligned position, releasing their own faint radio frequencies which are sent to our computer system to build a detailed image of the patient's anatomy. This image allows our specialists to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem.

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